10 Unexplored Places Of Delhi

Delhi is the city of the lavish and the Royals. It has lived the reign of some of the most prominent and powerful rulers. The city of Delhi owes its rich history to such emperors.

Mystical ruins of ancient structures, well planned geometrical gardens, untamed forests, enigmatic mosques, traditional craftsmen, are just a few attractions the capital of India has to offer.

Paharganj and Connaught Place are some of the popular hangout spots in Delhi, but there is a whole list of places for people who like to explore the extraordinary.

If you like the adrenaline-rush brought into your body by the smell of new places, then continue reading this list of 10 unexplored places of Delhi.

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10 Best Places To Visit in Delhi

Red  Fort-My-Taxi-India


Delhi is the capital territory of the India. Delhi has served as a capital of various kingdoms and empires. Delhi is also one of the most visited tourist attraction and you can reach Delhi by car, train or by air. So, spend your vacations at Delhi. Following are the 10 best places to be visited in Delhi.

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