There are so many roads to go down when you tackle food.

  1. The Gourmet Central Family Restaurant & Bar:
  • Address: 3rd City Center Mall E-0301 Siliguri Road Ujanu, Uttorayon Twp, Siliguri, West Bengal 734010
  • It opens from 11:30 AM to 10:00PM.
  • It is rated with 4.1 stars.
  • Family friendly restaurant.

Image result for The Gourmet Central Family Restaurant & Bar

  • It is available at reasonable prices.
  • Attracts tourists with their style of serving and maintainence.
  • Excellent to have parties with friends and family.


Dhaba by Amber:


  • Address: Saluja Residency Ward No. 6, Hill Cart Rd, Siliguri, West Bengal 734001
  • It providces services  from 11 AM to 11PM.
  • It is rated with 4.4 stars.
  • North Indian Restaurant with delicious food.
  • It was bit expensive as its taste.
  • Late night food is available here for more advantages of pilgrims.



Punjabi Kadhai:


  • Address: Sidhi Arcade Sevoke Road Near Anandalok Hospital, Upper Bhanu Nagar, Dasrath Pally, Bhanu Nagar, Siliguri, West Bengal 734001
  • It is available from 9:30 AM to 11:00 PM
  • There are other attractions here that entertain customers to enjoy and relax with family and friends at lunch time.
  • It is rated with 4.2 stars.
  • Taste is excellent here more over than others.
  • Late night food is accessible here to tourists.
  • This is an homely restaurant with beautiful interior within and outside of hotel.



Indian Pagoda Chinese Restaurant:


  • Address: Top Plaza, Ground, Sevoke Rd, Siliguri, West Bengal 734001
  • Opens from 10 AM to 11 PM.
  • Rated with 4 stars and famous for its service.
  • Contemporary space serving a typical menu of popular Indianised Chinese dishes.
  • Pure Indian & Chinese style of cooking and serving.
  • Available delivery to hotel rooms those are near to this.
  • Chinese restaurant with spicy as main ingredient.


Skkky Club:


  • Address: Quantum, 10th Floor Matigara, Siliguri, West Bengal 734010.
  • Here food is available at late night which will be more beneficial to tourists those come at extremely night time.
  • It accessible from 10 AM to 11 PM.
  • 4.2 stars was rated for its service with more compliments.
  • Bengali restaurant famous for its delicious new items available at any time.
  • Delivery time is very less may take upto 10-15 minutes.
  • Homely to see and eco-friendly atmosphere that attracts easily.

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