Things To Do In Pelling – A My Taxi India Guide


Pelling is a town in the district of Sikkim, India. It is one of the main attractions of the tourists. Most of the peoples of Pelling are Buddhists and they spoke Sikkimese language and other languages like English, Hindi etc. are also spoken there but the main language of Pelling is Sikkimese. There are many more places to be visited in Pelling like Rock Garden, Kanchenjungha Falls, and Singhshore Bridge etc. It is the third highest peak in the word and is famous for its magnificent view and snow-capped mountains. This little town is also famous for many more adventurous activities also and slowly-slowly it becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Travel Guide

As a travel guide in Pelling it provides an authentic travel information, of the city, budgeted hotels, famous places, market, festivals, activities etc.and many more things. We also arrange travel and tour packages in and around Pelling by taxi with several different rental packages to choose from. So, book your seats know to make your vacations memorable

Places to Visit

There are many more places to be visited in Pelling.

  • Khecheoparli Lake


Khecheoparli Lake is located near Khecheopalri village, in Gangtok, Sikkim. Generally this lake is called as “wish fulfilling lake”. It is one of the most famous tourist spot as people from all corners of the world come to see this view of lake. This lake was known as Kha-Chot-Palri, which means the heaven of Padmasambhava – A Sage Guru. The whole lake is surrounded by the hills and dense huge forest.

  • Singshore Bridge


The Singshore Bridge is considered as the highest bridge in Sikkim and the second highest bridge in Asia. It acts as a connecting point between 2 hills. The length of the bridge is 198 m, and the depth is 220 m and it offers a beautiful view of forest, hillsides, waterfalls, mountains and the whole valley. It is one of the most famous spot for tourists while visiting Pelling.

  • Rimbi Waterfalls


On the way to Khecheoparli, Rimbi Waterfall is situated near Darap Village which is around 12km away from Pelling. The waterfall leads to Rimbi River and is famous tourists come here to do outdoor activities like mountain biking, Yak Safari, Paragliding, river rafting, Fishing and many more activities. It has become one of the famous picnic spots for the family and you can also spend some memorable moments with your loved ones. Decent footfall of tourists is seen here during the summer months.

·        Kanchenjungha


Kanchenjungha is the third highest mountain in the world located in Pelling. It is the second highest peak of the Himalaya after Mount Everest. It has been named by several alternative names like Khangchendzonga, Khangchendzonga, and Kanchenjungha.It is one of the famous tourist spot to visit while having a trip to Pelling.

Weather/Best time to Visit

Any time of the year is good to travel Pelling. The best time to visit this beautiful hill town is from mid-February to May and from September to December, it is the best time to visit in peak winters as at this time the temperature has fallen down to 1C and in winters to visit there is having a lot of fun.

Things to do There

There are many more things to do in Pelling.

Shopping in Pelling

While visiting Pelling don’t forget to shop for hand woven carpets, shawls and blankets, paintings on canvas, cloth bags, handmade paper products, Buddhist religious items, wall hangings and many more items.

Activities in Pelling

The main outdoor activities of pelling are Trekking, mountain biking and going for beautiful trails etc.

Food of Pelling

The famous food of Pelling is chicken Chili, Lamian with sauce, momos and many other famous food items.

Festivals & Events of Pelling

Khangchendzonga Festival is one of  the famous and the biggest festival celebrated in Pelling, with great enthusiasm and a lot of activities like white water rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, sightseeing, bird watching and traditional sports.

How to reach?

By Car

The distance to Pelling from Delhi is about 1553 km which is nearly a 28 hour drive. So, if you want to go pelling by car is not the one off the best option because it is a 28 hour long drive which is to difficult. So it is advisable to travel pelling by train or by air.

By Train

Pelling does not have any railway station, the nearest railway station near Pelling is Jalpaiguri which is about 95kms away from Pelling. After reaching there you can hire a pre-paid taxi or you can take a Toy Train from here which will take another 4-5 hours to reach up to the city.

By Air

There is no airport in Pelling, the nearest airport there is Bagdogra which is about 79kms away from Pelling. From there you can take private cars, jeeps, taxis, or tourist mini buses etc. to reach up to the city safely and comfortably.

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