Valley Of The Gods – Kullu


Kullu is in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is located on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu Valley which is about 10 kilometers away from Bhuntar airport. This valley is famous for its temples, beauty and majestic hills covered with huge forest. Kullu valley is in between the Lower Himalayan range and Great Himalayan range. This is considered as the largest valley in Himachal. Kullu is also famous for Kullu shawl, made from the natural fibers including pashmina, sheep-wool etc. The Kullu valley is also known as the “Valley of the Gods” or “Dev Bhumi”.

 Travel Guide

As a travel guide in Kullu it provides an authentic travel information, of the city, budgeted hotels & guest houses, famous places, market, festivals etc.and many more things. We also arrange travel and tour packages in and around Kullu by taxi with several different rental packages to choose from. So, book your seats know to make your vacations memorable.

Places to visit

There are many more places to visit in Kullu.

  • Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara


Manikaran is located on river Parvati, Bhuntar in Kullu. It is located about 35 km from Kullu.This small town attracts a lot of tourists while visiting Kullu to see this place as it is a pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Sikhs. The area is well-known for its natural hot-water springs and its beautiful landscape. The water is so hot that rice for the “langar” is cooked by putting it into a linen-bag and dipping it into the boiling water. So, if you are going to visit Kullu then don’t forget to visit Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara.

  • Kasol


Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the banks of the Parvati River, on the way between Bhuntar to Manikaran. Kasol is a small village, with reggae bars, bakeries and cheap guesthouses etc. Kasol has a pleasant weather throughout the year. The best time to visit Kasol is from March to May. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kullu.

  • Great Himalayan National Park


The Great Himalayan National Park is one of India’s national parks, located in Kullu. It has a number of flora and fauna species, including approximately 31 mammals, 181 birds, 3 reptiles, 9 amphibians, 11 annelids, 17 mollusks and 127 insects. Various fairs are held during the month of April, May, August and September every year by nearby villagers. It is one of the famous tourist spot in Kullu.

  • Naggar


Naggar is a big village in Kullu. It is situated near the bank of Beas River. In Naggar village there is Naggar Castle, Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery and Museum, Gowri Shankar Temple and many more sightseeing places. Naggar village has just a scenic beauty from there you can see both the sides of the Kullu Valley. The village is beautifully surrounded by the magnificent mountains, waterfalls and snow covered ranges. It is known for its impressive culture and rich architectural style. It is also famous for adventure sports like trekking, para gliding and river rafting. It is one of the most visited tourist spot in Kullu.

Weather/Best Time to Visit

The weather in winter can drop to below freezing point when heavy woolens are required. Summer temperatures are mild and light woolens / cottons clothes are recommended. The best time to visit Kullu is usually between the summers i.e. from March to April and autumn months from September to November.

Things to do there

Shopping in Kullu

While visiting Kullu don’t forget to shop for Kullu shawls, caps, Tibetan carpets, Buddhist paintings, woolens mufflers, fruits, pickles etc.

Outdoor Activities in Kullu

There are many more outdoor activities in Kullu like Trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, paragliding and hiking etc.

Famous Food of Kullu

The famous food of Kullu is Sattu made from wheat, stuffed bhature, Jatu (red rice) and Kodra roti (cereal bread) etc.

Festivals & Events in Kullu

The main festival of Kullu is Kullu Dussehra which is held in the month of October. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm as in this festival there is Grand processions of fairs, folk songs and dances by Gaddi shepherds, Phool Yatra, Nainadevi etc.

How to Reach?

By Car

One of the best ways to reach Kullu is by road because it has a lot of fun. Thus Highway offers a smooth ride with plenty of mountains, restaurants and Dhabas on the way. Kullu can be reached from Delhi by national highway NH 1. The road distance from Delhi to Kullu is about 512 km which is around 6-7 hours drive.

By Train

There is no direct train from Delhi to Kullu there was just a nearest railway station Jogindernagar, which is about 95 kms away from Kullu, after reaching there you can hire a pre-paid taxi to reach up to the city.

By Air

There was no direct flight from Delhi to Kullu there is a nearest airport Bhuntar which is about 10 kms away from Kullu and from the airport you can hire a pre-paid taxi to reach up to the city safely and comfortably.

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