The Queen Of Hills : Mussoorie – A My Taxi India Guide


Mussoorie is a hill station in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. This is, situated on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas and is known as “Queen of the Hills”. Mussoorie is a fascinating hill resort. Majestic view of Shivalik range and Doon Valley attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year. Mussoorie has several interesting tourist spots like Gun Hill, Camel’s back Rock, Jharipani falls; lal tiba etc. from this Mussoorie is famous for its scenic beauty. Mussoorie is also known as the gateway of Yamnotri and Gangotri.

Travel Guide

There are number of things to see in Mussoorie, but if you are traveling for the first time, the Mussoorie travel guide may help you by giving some options like where to stay, what to eat, weather in Mussoorie and places to visit in Mussoorie and you can be guaranteed an awesome trip to Mussoorie e\with the help of travel guide.

Places To Visit

  • Jharipani Falls


Jharipani falls is situated near the village of Jharipani. Jharipani falls is a beautiful picnic spot for families. Jharipani fall offers beautiful views of Shivalik range and Doon Valley. The area is covered flowers, shrubs, plants, mountains, trees etc. Jharipani falls has several small Dhabas or restaurants, and there is plenty of space for children to play here as there are few swings for their amusement and fun.

  • Camel’s back Road


Camel’s back road is a stretch of 3km long natural display of rocks. It is one of the best locations for tourists to visit while visiting Mussoorie. The name of this road is delivered from its rocks placement and its shape like Camel’s hump. It is a link between two prominent locations from library point to Kulri Bazaar. Auto Rickshaw and horses ride is also available in this place.

  • Gun Hill


Gun Hill is one of the most prominent attractions for tourists visiting Mussoorie. It is the second highest peak in Mussoorie. It is believed that a big gun was fired from the Gun Hill everyday to help the people to know the time and adjust their watches accordingly. Visitors can reach on the top of the hill by ropeway or by foot.

  • Mussoorie Lake


Mussoorie Lake in Mussoorie is one of the best points to visit. The tourists make this lake as a picnic spot. A nice small lake, is created by a natural water fall,  there you can also see ducks swimming in the lake, paddle boat is also there which we can ride by ourselves and enjoy the amazing view of whole lake.

  • Lal Tibba


Lal Tibba is also called The Red hill. This is the highest point in the Mussoorie. Broadcasting stations, radio and doordarshan channels are situated on the top of lal Tibba. The beautiful view of sunrise and sunset is so amazing that the tourist specially visit at Lal Tibba. The best time to visit Lal Tibba is between the summers because at this time the weather is so good for visiting.

  • Kempty Falls


Kempty Falls is one of the popular tourist places in Mussoorie. As it attracts tourists from all over the country, and was developed as a beautiful picnic spot.  It is a beautiful waterfall, which falls from a height of mountain. Fishing in Kempty Falls is very popular; but permit has been taken from Divisional Forest Officer before fishing there. The best time to visit Kempty Falls is in between the summer months from March to June as the weather is pleasant and if you want to take a dip carries an extra set of clothes with you. It is one of the adventurous spot in Mussoorie.

Weather/Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Mussoorie is during summers, i.e. from April to June because in summers there was a pleasant climate the temperature is in between 12-24C but if you would love to see snowfall than you must visit in winters at that time the weather is in between 9-14C. Both summers and winters are the best time to visit in Mussoorie.


Things to Do

There are many more things to be done in Mussoorie.

Shopping in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is so famous for its handicrafts and articrafts, Chinese vases, wooden boxes, stoles, shawls, colorful lampshades etc. shopping in Mussoorie is one of the best experience.

Activities in Mussoorie

There are many more activities in Mussoorie like trekking, cable car ride, rock climbing etc. and you can also go to Kempty fall for fishing and having a picnic there with family as it is one of the adventurous spot in Mussoorie.

Food in Mussoorie

The famous food of Mussoorie is Bhaang Ki Khatai, Kappa, Sisunak Saag, Aloo ke

Gutke, Rus and many more. You must try these dishes while visiting Mussoorie.

Festivals & Events in Mussoorie

Any of the festivals held in Mussoorie whether it is basant panchmi or any fair is celebrated with the great enthusiasm. All these festivals are organizes by the government of the Mussoorie and certain competition has been held like drawing, folk dances, roller coaster skating etc.

How To Reach?

By Car or Taxi

One of the best way to reach Mussoorie is by road because while traveling for Mussoorie there are many beautiful views which has been seen and it was a great fun while going through road, there are some taxis are also available while traveling there if you are not comfortable while traveling in hilly areas.

By Rail

There are number of trains connecting from Delhi to Dehradun, such as the Shatabdi Express, the Mussoorie Express are available and by train it approximately takes 5.5 .hours to reached on the destination from Delhi To Mussoorie,

By Air

The nearest airport in Mussoorie is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is approximately 54 kilometers away, from the city. After reaching there we can offer pre-paid taxis to reach up to the city.

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