City Of Temples : Jammu


Jammu is the largest city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated on the banks of Tawi River. It is surrounded by Shivalik range and Trikuta Range. It is considered as the centre point for the visitors if they were going to Vaishno Devi and Kashmir valley. All the routes leading to Kashmir, Poonch, Doda and Laddakh are from Jammu city. So the city remains full of people every time. There are some historical places like Mubarak Mandi, Purani Mandi, Rani Park, Amar Mahal, Bahu Fort, Raghunath Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple, Karbala, Peer Meetha, Old city and a number of shopping places, famous good, adventurous sports, fun parks, etc.

Travel Guide

As a travel guide Jammu is all about snowy peaks and mountains, and a lot of shopping.
Jammu is the major hill station, for pilgrims with a lot of hotels and lodges. We also arrange travel and tour packages in and around Jammu by car with several different rental packages to choose from. So, book your seats know to make your vacations memorable.

Places to visit

  • Gulmarg


The word “Gul” means flowers, and hence the name Gulmarg stands for “a meadow of flowers”. This place is also called as the beautiful world of flowers. There are certain flowers in Gulmarg like bluebells, daisies, forget-me-not and buttercups etc. it is one of the most popular tourist attraction. In winters, the stunning Gulmarg turns into a skiing, Trekking and Heliskiing.

  • Raghunath Temple


Raghunath Temple is a well-known holy shrine of the Hindus. Raghunath Temple is one of the largest temples in Jammu. It is built by Maharaja Gulab singh. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. The rituals of the temple include both morning and evening aarti.  Travelers visit here in a large numbers to seek the blessings of the God.

  • Mansar Lake


Mansar is a beautiful lake sounded by forests and hills. It is the most popular tourist spot in Jammu. It has a scenic beauty of flora & fauna. It is also a holy site, there are some ancient temples on the lake side, which are often visited by a large number of devotees. Some Hindus from the different regions perform Mundan ceremony of the male baby here. Mansar Lake has also become one of the picnic spot for the tourists.

  • Amar Mahal Palace


The Amar Mahal Palace is a place in Jammu, which has now been converted into a Museum. It is situated on the right bank of the Tawi River. It was the tallest building in Jammu made with red sandstone. This palace was the residence of Royal family and after them this palace has become the museum which displays the assets of the royal family like paintings, gold plated sofa, crown, miniatures etc and many more things. The palace which is converted into a museum has known to be the most popular tourist spot in Jammu.

  • Bahu fort


It is one of the oldest forts in Jammu. It is one of the famous tourist spot in Jammu. It has a number of octagonal towers, arches and pillars with a lot of carvings and pyramidal structure with thick walls. A fair known as ‘Bahu Mela’ is celebrated twice a year in Navratras. This is the time when Bahu Fort is lavishly decorated, grand aartis are performed, and a number of stalls around the Fort selling sweets and snacks have been placed. It is one of the best place for picnic also and it shows one of the fascinating views of the Jammu city.

  • Vaishno Devi


Vaishno Devi Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, located in the mountains of Trikuta, Jammu.  It is the temple which attracts thousands of tourists, from all over the country. Mata Vaishno Devi is also known as Mata Vaishnavi and Mata Rani in Hinduism. It is India’s second most visited religious place of tourists and devotees. For reaching up to their destination the devotees first reached to Jammu by air or by train and from their you can took an alternative mode of transport to reach on the desired destination.

Weather/Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Jammu is good in both the summers and in winters. In summers the temperature is around 45c and in winters the weather is drop down to 4C but it is a good to visit in both the seasons if you want to see heavy snowfall you should have to visit in winters i.e. in the month of December to March

Things to Do

There are many more things to be done in Jammu.

Shopping in Jammu

While visiting Jammu don’t forget to go for shopping as there are many more things to buy while shopping like Kashmiri handicrafts, carpets, wooden items, jewellery, lamps, wall hangings, footwear, fashion accessories, Pashmina Shawl etc.

Activities in Jammu

There are many more outdoor activities in Jammu like trekking, Mountain Climbing, Golfing, River Rafting, Para gliding etc. are the famous outdoor activities in Jammu.

Food in Jammu

The famous food of Jammu is Kachalu, Gul gule, Cholle and Rajma Chawal, anardana chutney etc. while visiting there don’t forget to have these food.

Festivals and Events in Jammu

Lohri and Baisakhi are the main festivals of Jammu which is celebrated with great enthusiasm.Lohri, marks the end of winter, is celebrated with singing and dancing around the bonfire.

How to Reach?

By Car

Jammu is near about 543 km from Delhi. It is well-connected to Delhi by roadways and the best way to travel from Delhi to Jammu is by car. On your way there are plenty of restaurants and Dhabas on the roadside which makes the traveling full of joy. While traveling to the destination we can also see some good views around the mountains and some waterfalls etc. So, traveling to Jammu by car or taxi is one of the best options to go Jammu.

By Train

There is no direct train for Jammu from Delhi. There is only one train i.e. Jammu Tawi but the railway station is to far so you have to hire a taxi from the railway station and get to the desired spot safely.

By Air

All the airports are well connected to Delhi and Jammu. Some airlines are Jet Airways, Indian Airlines and many more flights to all the airports in Jammu and Kashmir and from the airport the travelers can hire pre-paid taxis to get up to their destination comfortably.

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